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Jan 25, 2013 12:00am PST
when it comes to issues of the core, new jim crow, prison industrial complex, they cannot defend them. what they have been talking about needs to be highlighted because the legacy, there have been politicians on the inside who tried to move in certain directions and gotten a lot of trouble. i want to get back to the point of change. we do need fundamental change, but part of it has to be with -- has to do with the point about jobs. you can have all the education in the world like increase, but if they have no job, they have nowhere to go. why is it we do not have high quality jobs? one reason is in the last 30 years you have the financial sector and wall street moved to the center, 41% of profits going to the banks that do not generate jobs. they do not generate wealth for value. it is well in private pockets. they are sitting on 3.4 trillion dollars right now. they have a bailout of homeowners did not get of the banks got, and they got nearly interest free loans of 7.7 trillion dollars. the top 38 banks are $34 billion each. centum of that money be used for decent housing, and w
Jan 25, 2013 11:00pm PST
what we're seeing as a new jane crow. >> and jane crow, not jim crow, jane crow meaning? >> you look at the abortion issue, the so-called personhood measures and anti-abortion measures, what they are really doing is creating precedent for a permanent underclass of all women. we have seen that women are being arrested, detained, forcibly subjected to medical interventions disproportionately so african-american women, disproportionately in the south. and, again, it's under the guise of being just about abortion. it's really about creating a set of precedents that would allow the state to control, surveil, and punish a woman from the moment she conceives. >> and you have been, frankly, losing in state after state, right? i mean, there are now 92 or 94 more provisions on state laws than existed several years ago. >> and i think the anti-choice movement is getting creative. what we saw recently in virginia and we saw it in a federal level but they're now doing this on a state level are things like the prenatal nondiscrimination act, which is an effort to ban race selective or sex sel
Jan 21, 2013 8:00am PST
] [captioning made possible by the jim henson company] [whistle blows] [indistinct chatter] >> rawk! ok. may i have your attention, please? you all remember the big idea for the dinosaur train to pick up all 26 species in the song "dinosaurs a to z," right? >> right! >> and then we'll all have a big picnic at troodon town. [cheering] well, the good news is it's going really great! there are already so many different species on board. [cheering] but there are still more species to pick up. rawk! let's do a musical roll call so we can figure out which "a" to "z" creatures are already on board. >> yeah, and, each creature, when you here your letter, shout out your name. >> hit it, mr. conductor! >> ♪ "a"... >> apatosaurus >> "b"... >> brachiosaurus >> "c"... >> corythosaurus >> "d"... >> deinonychus >> "e"... >> einiosaurus >> "f"... >> fabrosaurus >> "g"... >> gallimimus >> "h"... >> hadrosaurus >> "i"... >> iguanadon >> "j"... >> jaxartosaurus >> what time is it? >> it's time for the chorus hey, hey, hey come along with me >> choo choo choo choo >> this is how we memorize dinosaurs "a"
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)